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Full Version: Minigame: Last Man Standing
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Battle hundreds of players including Elvemage, Kids Ranque and other legends in one of the most exciting minigames ever to come to RSPS.

  • Wage war with either 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 participants (mixture of players and intelligent PK bots)
  • Based in the Champions Guild
  • Rewards are consistent with the size of match
  • Any player can start a match (free players can only start 5 man matches)
  • 3 minute countdown shown to all players online before matches
  • Become the Orwald Champion at official events
  • Battle with famous RS players such as Elvemage and Kids Ranqe, reincarnated as intelligent PK bots
Intelligent PK Bots:
  • Maxed Pure
  • Obby mauler
  • Obby Tank
  • G Mauler
  • Elvemage
  • Kids Ranqe
  • Strength Pure
  • Range Pure
  • Range Tank
  • Mage Pure (info)
  • Mage Tank
  • Initiate Pure
  • Range/2h
  • Range/Mage Pure
  • Melee/Mage Pure
  • Ultimate F2P Hybrid
  • Steel Pure
  • Black Pure (w/ Black Mask)
  • 13 Defence pure (info)
  • Mithril Pure
  • Adamant Pure
  • Rune Pure
  • Dharok Pure
  • Dragon Scim Pure (info)
  • Void Pure
  • Berserker Pure (info)
  • Bandos Pure
  • Ahrims Pure
  • Splitbark Pure
  • Mystic Pure
Testing screenshots are in attachments.

Please feel free to suggest others. We will need 99 in total. I may just throw the rest in with random equipment/stats (similar to main accounts).

Coming: Early 2018.

Please stay tuned for more info. I will do most of my planning and evaluation on this thread.