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Hi it's me
Good news everyone,

I'm here and when i'm here everything is perfecto.
I don't wanna tell you my name, but you can either call me Nas or Rex (whatever u like),
I am 17 years old and have nothing to do with my life (pretty sad).  Sleepy
I own a YouTube channel with more than 2.9k subs, would've been able to say 3k, but i stopped uplaoding and lost numbers in subscribers... REEEEEEEEEEEEE Angry .
Fortnite is fun. I'm a John Wick, soon to be Omega; I'm pretty good... right? Tongue

People i love;
Hmm, wHO do i love? Idk... maybe you?  Angel

Umm, i live in the UK and i'm brown.  Big Grin  

Thanks for reading, and nice knowing you.

Yours faithfully, 
                    NigNog  Heart

Give me good rating, or else.

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