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Wine (Ultra Rare)

I have worked hard, and got lucky (i admit it) with this item. I was fighting a demon, and i r3kted his butt, and out spilt red liquid; first i thought blood of the demon, but as i went to pick up the liquid, it transformed in a jug. A jug full of red liquid... as i stared at the Jug, i realised it might taste nice or maybe i'll get some demon powers, so i drank the shit... until i read the name; 'Jug Of Wine'. I spat the shit out, as i praised for forgiveness; remembering i'm Muslim and that SHIT IS HARAM!

After several hours of hard work, and gains, i was lucky enoguh to get another and therefore, this Jug of Wine is the only in the game and i only i have it & since it's haram, i cannot keep it; thuss why i shall sell it too whoever bids the highest.

Jug Of Wine sale starts at; 
500million Coins.

Message me if you're interested, because you'll be in for a treat...  Blush Heart


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