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Official Bug List & Progress [Check before posting]

  1. Logging in for the first time has an issue with giving starters
  2. Some people got a black screen when logging in - Issue fixed - please redownload the client
  3. Hair styles interfere with Helm of Neitiznot
  4. Trying to attack chickens from certain positions fails (due to incorrect clipping maps)
  5. Dying does not return you to the home starter position
  6. Items lost on death do not drop onto the floor where you died
  7. Deposit all button in the bank does not work
  8. There is a PVP zone accidentally in the basement below the combat ring (heightlevel issue)
  9. The gate to the wilderness and lobster island does not open or allow people through
  10. The steps outside the home building do not work
  11. When in the combat ring it says Wilderness level 196
  12. Rune essence is free in the general shop
  13. The general shop is called Noxious Store
  14. Dying nulls account - Fixed
  15. When logging in with a non-forum account the client says "Please subscribe.." - Now tells you to register on forums

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