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Santahat's Bug list
1. Ranged is still a little buggy, and doesn't seem to work right. Same With Magic, you get one kill and thats it.
2. Random Fireworks, but no levelling up. (was issue before atleast) and all melee styles gave attack xp.
4. Would be Nice if you added a teleport tab.
6. Zulrah teleport With NPC is bugged if u click while its teleporting. (you run on water and just keep running)
7. If you organized the npc's a little more at ::home it will look more clean.
8. Might want to remove slayer Level requirements from bosses, such as cerberus which u need 85 slayer for!
Toby will take a look and fix these. Thanks a lot for taking the time to post. If you find any more, please don't hesitate to post them.

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