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Locovic's Buglist
1. Pathing around chaos ele on the island.  

3. You get slayer tasks that you can't reach/tele to, also you can't reset your task.

4. I couldn't attack zulrah when i tried.

5. I think almost every npc ingame has lower defence that it should have, i've been doing like 40 dagannoth supreme kills and i've hit like 95% of the time, and same with bandos. 

8. When you stand right next to the combat arena at home island you can still get attacked even tho you haven't entered it.

I'll update it once i find some more bugs.

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Hi Locovic,

Thanks and thanks in advance for keeping this updated.

Could you redownload your client as I see you have the low mem test client I sent you..

Ofcourse mate. I'll dl it now.

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