Orwald - The next generation RSPS

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September Feature Pack
[Image: rwJqCmIBTYWUkyQ1vSOOuQ.png]

This evening I released a few new features, including a few bug fixes. Besides the clue(s) in the image above, I won't be discussing any new features, as the knowledge base is to be completely community driven and the island of Orwald will remain full of mysteries!

Please check the sticky topic in the feedback forum for a current up-to-date list of fixed and outstanding bugs.

The server is still largely in Beta testing mode, as it is currently too easy/lacks challenge and content. We will be keeping the spawn tabs until the economy is fully patched and ready to go (check the would-be music tab for spawn buttons).


Brilliant work Toby.
you're not able to attack " animated iron-rune romur" after you died once, the npc will stay at home with a yellow arrow above his head.

anyways good luck.

-Hey its me
Thanks for the feedback!

We'll get this fixed ASAP.

An entire minigame is coming next week. Think COD

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