Orwald - The next generation RSPS

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September Patch #1
Hi guys

This weekend, most likely Sunday, I will be releasing the first bug patch to orwald.

Whilst I won't release information on any new features I can certainly tell you the issues which have been resolved:
  • You can no longer attack people outside of the Combat Ring
  • When you die whilst attacking animated armour, the armour will now dissappear
  • All items now have real, current RS prices in shops
  • No shops are free or donator points anymore. The only currencies in Orwald are Coins and Warriors Guild Tokens.
  • (The donator shops will only be viewable by donators and items from these shops will only be usable by donators)
  • Items now drop on the floor for the player who dropped them instantly, then about a minute later for everyone else, before finally disappearing forever
I will update this list up until the release this weekend, so please keep checking back for more progress!


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