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2017: An Autopsy
I give a brief autopsy of 2017, discuss what went wrong and reveal what is in store for early 2018.

What started as a good idea for a home location (the island) initially lacked a lot of content planning and ideas. By October, I had completely implemented the home island for what it was worth, stairs, ladders, mining rocks, bank booths, and a marvelously enticing Combat Ring. I suddenly thought "oh, shit". I hadn't even thought ahead to the substance of the server wherein lies quests, minigames, bosses etc, etc. 

For a few weeks, I went through a couple of ideas in my head, with a bit of back and forth. Were these ideas unique? No. Did the content satisfy any players at a sustainable level? Nope. I had writers block. Work got busy, I got distracted, and Orwald lay dormant for about 3 months. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, because through time, I came up with many unique and innovative ideas to populate what had become an exciting home island. I'll be releasing information about these in subsequent news posts, stay tuned!


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