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    – Spawn point
    – Bank
    – Stall
    – Npc Training
    – Market area
    – Dungeons/Caves
    – shops in realms don’t restock automatically and are saved when server restarts (continual progress)
    – guards cannot be attacked by players from that realm
    – once all guards die, the attacking realm can enter the realm for 3-5 minutes then are automatically teleported back to their spawn point inside their realm
    – players can steal from the stall in the victim realm (chances of stealing stuff is quite low but does give good thieving XP)
    – deposit box which allows players to sell materials directly to their realm’s market stall


    – safezone garden in the middle with green grass, healthy trees, mining rocks and a fishing pond, furnace and anvil
    – Center Garden(safezone)
    – skilling area in Garden
    – WasteLand border


    – homepage
    – forum sign up randomly assigns 1 or 0 (realm ID) for each player
    – forum auth to allow login only via forum account
    – guards for each realm (basic, upgrading will come later on)
    – Redo Registration
    – Woocommernce Setup with items
    – skilling stat w/ net wealth
    – rework post positioning

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    Loving it, thanks for posting.

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